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Dear Dr. Edens, 

You may not recall me, but you performed surgery on my dog Foetjes to remove a large mass in August 2018. The lab reports indicated it was an aggressive cancer requiring immediate treatment. At the time I was on a cross-country trip as a vacation and part of my move from Montenegro to Washington DC. When you received the lab reports, you contacted me while I was on the road, and talked me through the over-the-counter medications I could give her until I reached DC. The amount of care you and your office took in tracking me down, finding an oncologist specialist in Washington, and even arranging for an appointment with that vet and forwarding all my dog's medical reports so I was ready to go on arrival was truly amazing. It meant an incredible amount to me - reducing my stress and knowing I had arrangements on arrival that would have been difficult to do during my 3 weeks on the road. You also spent considerable time with me on the phone following the oncologist's recommendations, providing me exceptional and caring guidance on the possible treatments and the best way forward for both my dog and me. I chose not to pursue any treatment since Foetjes was already almost 13 years old and I was moving overseas again in one years time, which far exceeded her estimated life expectancy with the untreated cancer (about 3-5 months). I am writing now because Foetjes passed away last week, not from the cancer, which never reared its head again after you removed what was obviously the vast majority of it, but simply from old age. She made one last overseas adventure to Luxembourg and truly loved it here. I have been meaning to write you ever since that summer to express my gratitude for your care, attention, and terrific advice. I will never forget it. I apologize for the two year delay in expressing my appreciation, but as they say, better late than never. Best regards and I hope all of you at the clinic have stayed safe and healthy during these trying times.

- Leslie 

I have been a client of Dr. Jeff Cook since the late 70s.  He is a skilled, experienced and caring veterinarian.

The other veterinarians, and his staff, are a pleasure to work with and amazing as well.

I have seen them perform what appear to be miracles in the past 40 years in the care of my dogs and cats.

I highly recommend Lookout Mountain Veterinary Clinic.


I mainly see Dr. Schure and Dr. Quist.  They take such good care of my pets that I would never think about going anywhere else.  The office staff is also amazing, and they remember who I am and who my pets are. Do yourself a favor and choose this vet clinic if you are looking for a place that cares about your animals.  They love animals and do what’s in their best interest.


I have been a dog mom for three dogs over the course of more than 25 years, and have almost always had great doctors for them, but Lookout Mountain Veterinary Clinic Phoenix is the best of all.  Dr. Schure and his staff are exceptional.  My 11-year-old dog is terrified of people, but when we walk in he is more at ease than he has ever been.  Every member of the staff is an animal lover and they treat my dogs just as I do, like they are my children.  They take a conservative approach providing me with all reasonable options for my dogs’ care, helping me to understand each.


The entire office staff is kind and caring to our whole family, human and furry. 


Dr. Celena Quist is the absolute BEST! I just love the way she loves our Patches! We rescued Patches and she has treated her as a member of the family.  I love the time she takes to explain everything to me and to love on Patches.  The staff is always fantastic and loving in their treatment of Patches and greets me every time I come in. 


Truly amazing Veterinary services! Dr. Cook was amazing in helping me navigate through the final months of my 17 ½ year old dog’s life.  He has also helped me in several emergency situations that I’ve had…and most recently, Dr Schure provided excellent care when I flew through the door with my 14-year-old cat who had just been in a fight with a 50 pound dog.  Their response to emergencies is instantaneous and I’ve never had to wait for an appointment more than a couple of days…

They care about each and every animal that comes through their door.


The doctors care, and they know what they are doing. They have saved two of my dogs’ lives.  The staff is always friendly and accommodating, and my dogs love them.


Highly recommend this clinic for their friendly and caring staff and specifically Dr. Quist.  She went above and beyond to help our cat through her last months once she was diagnosed with cancer in the spleen.  She genuinely cares and feels for you.


I will always been grateful for Dr. Cook and staff at Lookout Mountain.  I have been going there for over 15 years.  The staff truly cares for your pets.

Dr. Cook was extremely caring and loving with Duke. They all tried as much as we did to get him better. It was a fight and they stuck by us.  I highly recommend taking your animals here!  Top notch people in our books.


As a long-time client—about 26 years—with a myriad of beloved felines over the years, this is the most caring, thoughtful, responsive and wonderful clinic in Phoenix! Dr. Schure is an incredibly caring and “stick-to-it-until-solved” vet. We could ALWAYS rely on thoughtful conversations on the care of our feline companions.  Dr. Schure and the wonderful staff has been at our side through all the good times and the sad times.  We love you!

-Julie & Bob


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